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TIB Academy provides the best UNIX training in Bangalore, where you can gain complete expertise from our expert System administrators in the field, who are dedicated and passionate towards teaching. UNIX is a common open source computer operating system from AT&T.  UNIX was written in C language and has been there for a long time in the IT world.

Our UNIX Scripting training course syllabus is designed by highly experienced professionals, who have patched more than 2000 servers. There is a high demand for UNIX Administrators also having experience in LINUX. With this UNIX course, enable yourself basic concepts, command line and shell scripting, conditional statements, loops, functions, etc.

We are the best UNIX training institute in Bangalore, where you can obtain the practical coaching from industrial experts. According to the students’ time convenience, we can schedule classroom or online with affordable UNIX training course cost. So compared to the other institutes, TIB Academy is a top quality institute providing the best UNIX Shell Scripting training in Bangalore – Marathahalli.

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Unix Training Syllabus

  • Logging in-out
  • Brief History
  • Unix Flavours
  • Linux distros
  • Concept of Multiuser-multitasking
  • Architectural view
  • Unix command structure
  • Getting help
  • Combining the commands
  • Frequently used commands and utilities
    • Ls , cat ,cd ,mkdir ,rmdir,touch ,grep etc
    • User commands – who ,who am i etc
  • IO redirection and piping ( stdin ,stdout,stderr, tee)
  • Concept of Users and groups
    • User access privileges
    • Superuser and permissions
    • Password files
  • Filesytem concept
  • Unix ‘s File/dir hierarchy
  • Filesystem types
  • Creating and mounting filesystem
  • Filesystem related command
  • Configuration files
  • Creation, deletion
  • Permissions
  • Compressing/decompressing files
  • Ping, ifconfig, ssh, scp etc
  • Starting and stopping networking services
  • Network configuration files
  • Package formats and installation
  • Boot order
  • Run levels and rc scripts
  • Configuration files for booting
  • Installation & configuration of Linux
  • Getting updates

Basic Shell Scripting

  • Types of shells
  • Shell functionality
  • Environment
  • Writing script & executing basic script
  • Debugging script
  • Making interactive scripts
  • Variables (default variables)
  • Mathematical expressions
  • If-else-elif
  • Test command
  • Logical operators-AND,OR,NOT
  • Case –esac
  • While
  • For
  • Until
  • Break & continue
  • Positional parameters
  • Set & shift
  • IFS
  • Processing file line by line
  • Functions
  • What is regular expression
  • Grep,cut ,sort commands
  • Grep patterns
  • Concept of process in Unix
  • Background processes
  • Scheduling processes -At, batch & Cron
  • Trapping signals
  • String substitutions / manipulations

PreRequisite : Unix Fundamentals course

Advanced Shell Scripting

  • Providing command line options to scripts
  • Shell & subshells
  • Exporting variables
  • Arrays
  • Remote shell execution
  • Dialog boxes
  • Connecting to MySQL using shell
  • Running SQL queries from a shell script
  • Managing disk space/file system
  • Startup-Shutdown scripts
  • Backup-cpio-tar
  • Monitoring , health check
  • Design and concept of test setup
  • Sample Framework design and demo
Best Unix Training Institute in Bangalore

TIB Academy offers best Unix training. They provide classroom and online training with affordable fee.  They offer 100% practical and real time training with projects. They have skilled trainers who already trained 100+ students and professionals on Unix training.  Mock interview is conducted on Unix training to improve the understanding in Unix training.

Head Office

Second Floor and Third Floor,
5/3, Varathur Road, Kundalahalli Gate,
Landmark :

Behind Kundalahalli Gate bus stop,

Next to AXIS Bank.

For Course Enquiry : +91 9513332301

For Course Fees        : +91 9513332302

Visit: tibacademy.in


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