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TIB Academy provides the best UNIX training in Bangalore, where you can gain complete expertise from our expert System administrators in the field, who are dedicated and passionate towards teaching. UNIX is a common open source computer operating system from AT&T.  UNIX was written in C language and has been there for a long time in the IT world.

Our UNIX Scripting training course syllabus is designed by highly experienced professionals, who have patched more than 2000 servers. There is a high demand for UNIX Administrators also having experience in LINUX. With this UNIX course, enable yourself basic concepts, command line and shell scripting, conditional statements, loops, functions, etc.

We are the best UNIX training institute in Bangalore, where you can obtain the practical coaching from industrial experts. According to the students’ time convenience, we can schedule classroom or online with affordable UNIX training course cost. So compared to the other institutes, TIB Academy is a top quality institute providing the best UNIX Shell Scripting training in Bangalore – Marathahalli.

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Unix and Shell Training Syllabus

  • Basics of Shell
  • Set and Unset a variable
  • Displaying – using echo
  • Using Expr
  • Using Test
  • Getting input – using read
  • Header file of shell script – using Shabang (#!)
  • Sample Shell script program
  • Assigning a command to a variable
  • Storing output to a variable
  • Assigning global value – using Export
  • Passing input in runtime.
  • Using input inside a program
  • Using if statement
  • Using if –else statement
  • Using Nested if statement
  • Using ‘While’ Loop
  • Using ‘Until’ Loop
  • Using ‘For’ Loop
  • Using CASE
  • Creating a function
  • Calling a function in file
  • Calling a function in another file
  • SED
  • Replacing values in a file
  • STTY
  • TOP
  • Sending an email – using MAIL
  • HERE
  • NANO
  • PICO
  • Vi Editor
  • AWK
  • Basics of AWK
  • Displaying values – using awk
  • Using awk in Shell script
  • Scheduling a job – using ‘Crontab’
  • Scheduling a job – using ‘at’
  • Scheduling a job – using ‘nohup’
  • Monitoring a file
  • Extracting data from HTMl/XML file
  • Trapping Signals
Best Unix Training Institute in Bangalore

TIB Academy offers best Unix training. They provide classroom and online training with affordable fee.  They offer 100% practical and real time training with projects. They have skilled trainers who already trained 100+ students and professionals on Unix training.  Mock interview is conducted on Unix training to improve the understanding in Unix training.

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