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salesforce admin Training in bangalore
TIB Academy IT Training institute in bangalore

Salesforce Admin Training in Bangalore

TIB Academy is one of the best Salesforce Admin training institutes in Bangalore, where you can gain complete guidance from our experts who are dedicated and passionate towards teaching. This is one of the institutes with affordable Salesforce Admin training fees in Bangalore. Salesforce is a leading cloud based customer platform which is used to create meaningful and long lasting customer relationship and to connect with customers for sales, marketing, analytics, customer service. Salesforce CRM is the No.1 CRM platform which helps to achieve business growth and success. Its main features are contact management, opportunity management, sales performance management, data security management, territory management and reports/dashboards. As a Salesforce Administrator, you will be able to design reports using the inbuild objects and functionalities, without having to write code.

Our trainers at TIB Academy are Salesforce certified in Salesforce Certified Admin, Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant, Salesforce Certified Architects etc. And you can count on them for acquiring Salesforce certification training. Nowadays, most of the organizations are running cloud based business in IT current market. So, there is high demand for freshers/beginners who are passionate about cloud computing. Salesforce is the preferred technology for the cloud computing specialists for CRM. With this Salesforce course, enable yourself with key concepts such as cloud services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), sales cloud, and deployment models – public cloud community cloud, hybrid cloud, private cloud. You don’t need to install any software. You will get to create a free account in and practice creating all reports and dashboards online.

Our Salesforce Administrator training in Bangalore provides you complete hands on sessions on the CRM, GUI and Salesforce Admin responsibilities. According to the students convenience, we schedule classroom and online training. So compared to the other centers, TIB Academy is a top quality Salesforce Admin training center in Marathahalli.

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Salesforce Admin Training in Bangalore Syllabus

  • What is Cloud Computing
  • Advantages
  • Layers – Client, Application(Software as a Service (SaaS)), Platform (platform as a service (PaaS)), InfraStructure(infrastructure as a service” (IaaS))
  • Server Deployment Models – Public cloudm Community Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Private Cloud
  • What is Salesforce
  • Advantages
  • Products and Services
    1. Customer Relationship Management(CRM) – Salesforce Admin CRM and other CRM
    2. The Sales Cloud
    3. The Service Cloud
    4. Platform
    5. Chatter
    6. AppExchange
    7. Configuration
    8. Web services
    9. Mobile support
  • Registering Developer Edition with Salesforce
  • Standard applications
  • Standard Tabs
  • Standard Objects and relationships, Links
  • Setup page – Personal Setup, Application Setup and Administration Setup
  • Personal Information
  • Change Password
  • Reset my security Token
  • Change My Display
  • Grant Login Access
  • Calendar Access
  • Reminders
  • Email Settings
  • Creating new application
  • Creating Custom objects
  • Creating Tabs – Custom Tabs, Web tabs
  • Adding text ,Currency,Checkbox,Date fields
  • Creating Picklists
  • Field Dependencies
  • Encrypted fields, field help, and field history tracking
  • Use master detail, lookup, and many-to-many Relationships
  • Custom button and links Creation
  • Rollup Summary field
  • Develop custom formulas
    • Use the vlookup, regex, ischanged, isnew, and priorvalue functions to build business processes
  • Validation Rules – Creating rule by applying formulas
  • Payelayouts – Payelayout Editor,Grouping fields into New Section, adding spece between Fields, Editing Field properties
  • Search Layouts
  • Workflows
  • Introducing Workflow Rules and work flow actions
    • Email Alerts – Email templates
    • Tasks
    • Field Updates – Queues and Time Dependent Workflow Actions
  • Create a Approval Process
  • Create an Email template for approvals
  • Create an Approval Process
  • Create a Custom Profile
  • Create User
  • Test the Approval Process
  • Introducing Reports and Custom Reports
  • Create a tabular Report
  • Create a Summary Report – Adding Summary fields and adding Columns and Filters
  • Create Matrix Report
  • Exporting Reports
  • Dashboards – Creating and Editing Dashboards, Adding Dashboard SnapShots to Home Page, Creating Additional Reports
  • Creating Custom Report Types
  • Creating User Accounts
  • Controlling Access to Data
  • Controlling Access to Objects
    • Introducing Profiles
    • Standard Profiles
    • Custom Profiles
  • Controlling Access to Fields
    • Introducing Filed Level Security
    • Accessing Field-Level Security Settings

Controlling Access to Records

  • Introducing Organization-Wide Defaults
  • Introducing Role Hierarchies
  • Company Roles and Profiles
  • Sharing Rules
  • Manual Sharing
  • Displaying Field values and Page Layouts according to Profiles –
  • Overriding Sharing with Object Level Permissions
  • Administration Groups – Managing Groups(Public and Personal)
  • Login History
  • Password Policies
  • User session Settings
  • Set Trusted Ip range
  • Mobile Administration:
    • Configuring Mobile user
    • User Settings
  • Desktop Administration:
    • Configuring for outlook
    • Offline Briefcase configuration
  • Email Administration
    • Testing Deliverability
    • Deliverability Settings
    • Setting Organization-Wide addresses
    • Compliance BCC
    • Setting Enail Footers
  • Editing Company Information
  • Settings Fiscal Year
  • Settings Business Hours and Holis
  • Language Settings
  • Debug Logs
  • Email Log files
  • Importing data to Salesforce from external Sources
  • Import Custom objects
  • Data Export
  • Mass Transfer Records
  • Mass Delete Records
  • Mass Trnasfer Approval
  • Mass Update addresses
  • Data Loader
    • Data loader Overview
    • When to use Data Loader
    • Installing and Configuraing dayta Loader
    • Use Data Loader to create mapping files and upsert data
    • Running Batch Processes
    • Command Line Quick start
Best Salesforce Training Institute in Bangalore

TIB Academy provides best salesforce admin training. They provide well structured classroom with enabled free wifi, course materials and projectors.Their training is fully practical and hands on. Trainers are working professionals and experienced. They give full support until you get placed in a reputed company. Training fee is affordable and you can get flexible class schedule.

Head Office

Second Floor and Third Floor,
5/3, Varathur Road, Kundalahalli Gate,
Landmark :

Behind Kundalahalli Gate bus stop,

Next to AXIS Bank.

For Course Enquiry : +91 9513332301

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