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R Programming training in bangalore
TIB Academy IT Training institute in bangalore

R Programming Training in Bangalore

TIB Academy is one of the Best Institutes of R Programming Training in Bangalore that offers high quality training with affordable training course fees. We are doing both classroom training and live – online R programming training in Bangalore. R is a powerful statistic-based, comprehensive programming language which acts as a tool to perform data analysis and statistical computing. It is used to examine the database records and its behaviour by the effective data analytic operations such as data analyzation (cleaning), data visualization and data presentation (reporting). R is an open source tool which is primarily preferred by data scientists for its highlighting characteristics such as high performance and easy coding syntax(style).

As R is an open source tool, most of the companies are now moving to R, compared to SAS, which is the licensed version. It is primarily utilized to generate reports using the existing data of all departments of tech company (Production, Sales, Marketing). Using these reports, we can predict the company’s current position and business revenue growth in market. With this R programming course, enable yourself with key concepts of data manipulation, data importing, classified algorithms, statistical concepts, supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms, modeling, patterns and regression techniques. R-Shiny is a web application language used for analytics.

TIB Academy is the best R programming training institute in Marathahalli Bangalore , where you can gain guidance from our industrial experts with extraordinary subject proficiency. We are providing the best training and placement support with affordable R programming training cost in Bangalore. Our tutors can guide you to clear the examinations of R programming certification in Bangalore and our R programming training program starts from the fundamentals of data science until the advanced level of analytics.

IT classroom training in bangalore
online IT training in bangalore

R Programming Training in Bangalore Syllabus

  • What is R?
  • Why R?
  • R environment
  • How to get help in R
  • R console and Editor
  • Variables in R
  • Vectors
  • Matrices
  • List
  • Data frames
  • Using Cbind, Rbind, attach and detach functions in R
  • Importing data
  • Reading Tabular Data files
  • Reading CSV files
  • Importing data from excel
  • Access database
  • Loading R data objects
  • Writing to files
  • Manipulating Data
  • Selecting rows/observations
  • Selecting columns/fields
  • Merging data
  • Relabeling the column names
  • Converting variable types
  • Data sorting
  • Data aggregation
  • Using functions in R
  • Commonly used Mathematical Functions
  • Commonly used Summary Functions
  • Commonly used String Functions
  • User defined functions
  • local and global variable
  • While loop
  • If loop
  • For loop
  • Arithmetic operations
  • Charts and Plots
  • Box plot
  • Histogram
  • Pie graph
  • Line chart
  • Scatter plot

Descriptive Statistics

  • Measures of Central Tendency,Shape,Variablity
  • Probability Distribution Function
  • Continuous PDF & Discrete PDF
  • Central limit Theorm

Inferential Statistics

  • Hypothesis testing
  • Usage of Hypothesis Testing
  • Regression Algorthim in R

    • Linear Regression(OLS)
  • Decision Tree(CART & CHAID)
  • Random Forest(Bagging)
  • Objective Test-5
  • Project-3
  • Clustering( K-means)
  • Objective Test-6
  • Project-4
  • Principal Component Analysis
  • Association Rule(Market Basket Analysis/Apriori)
  • Sentiment Analysis( Naïve-Bayes Approach)
  • Final Project
Best R Programming Training Institute in Bangalore

TIB Academy gives best Machine learning with R training. Trainers are very good in provide training to students. Classrooms are enabled with free WiFi and projectors. They provide classroom training, online training and weekend training for machine Learning course. Classes are very interactive and practical. Training fee is affordable.

Head Office

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5/3, Varathur Road, Kundalahalli Gate,
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Next to AXIS Bank.

For Course Enquiry : +91 9513332301

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