Qlik Sense Training and Qlikview Training

qlik sense and qlikview training in bangalore
TIB Academy IT Training institute in bangalore

Qlik Sense Training and Qlikview Training in Bangalore

TIB Academy is the Best Institutes of Qliksense Training and qlikview training in Bangalore. Qlik is a leader in visual data analytics market. Qlik Sense is the latest data visualisation and reporting tool in the line of Qlikview. There are many tools from Qlik. Qlik Sense is the desktop tool for reporting. This is designed for individuals and corporates. The Dashboards created out of this are very powerful and useful.

TIB Academy is the best Qlik View training center in Bangalore, where our BI experts can coach you on the data warehousing tools. Our Qlikview course and Qlik sense course provides you the complete overview of data warehouse reporting. We are the only institute providing the best Qlik Sense training in Bangalore where you can obtain knowledge from the fundamentals of business intelligence until the advanced level of analytic Dashboards. We provide Qlik Sense classroom training in Bangalore and Qlik Sense online training. If you are looking for affordable Qlik Sense training cost in Bangalore, we are here to help you.

IT classroom training in bangalore
online IT training in bangalore

Qlik Sense Training in Bangalore Syllabus

  • What is QlikSense?
  • Comparing Qlik Sense Desktop with Qlik Sense
  • Installing Qlik Sense Desktop
  • How Qlik Sense varies from QlikView?
  • Starting with QlikSense Desktop
  • Opening an app with QlikSense
  • QlikSense Architecture
  • Navigating in the user interface
  • Data Manager
  • Data Load Editor
  • Data Model Viewer
  • Interacting with the user interface
  • Creating apps and Visualizations
  • Structuring an app with Sheets
  • Different type of Visualizations
  • Dimensions and Measures in a CHART
  • When to use and What Chart to Use
  • Selections in a Visualization
  • Settings and Properties of each Visualization
  • Expressions , Functions and Variables
  • Working with Expression Editor
  • Using Functions in Charts
  • Using Variables in Expressions
  • Set Analysis and Set Expressions
  • Working with Master Items
  • Adding data from files and databases
  • Loading data with the data load script
  • Data Connections
  • Various types of Data loads
  • Profile Data with QlikSense
  • Troubleshooting
  • Qlik Sense Data Architecture
  • Creating Star and Snowflake schemas
  • Use of Joins, Keeps, Concatenate etc..
  • Understanding QVD layer
  • Working on synthetic keys and circular references.
  • Qlik Sense Star Schema
  • Link Table
  • Dimensions Table
  • Master Calendar
  • Optimizing data models
  • Best Practices of Data Modelling
  • Data Storytelling
  • Publishing
  • Exporting and Printing
  • Advanced Scripting and Chart Functions
  • Qlik Tips and Techniques
  • Learning about Qlik Sense App and its security features
  • Providing Qlik Sense access to user sets
  • Qlik Sense Security rule code
  • Installation and working
  • Getting familiar with popular extension

Qlikview Training in Bangalore Syllabus

  • Introduction of Data Warehouse
  • Need arise of DWH
  • Data Warehouse /Data Marts Architecture
  • Staging/without Staging
  • Dimensions (Simple and Confirm)
  • Fact (Simple, fact less, coverage, confirm)
  • Warehouse Implementation Methods
  • Difference between STAR and SNOW FLAKE Schema.
  • Other terminologies Cleansing, Purging etc.
  • Database Modeling
  • Designing Methods
  • Logical Designing
  • Physical Designing
  • Introduction of Dimension Modeling
  • Difference between ER-Modeling and Dimension Modeling
  • Implementation of Dimension Model
  • Forward Engineering and Reverse Engineering
  • Introduction of various Database Components
  • Data structures in QlikView (AQL).
  • Sample Application walkthrough of QlikView
  • Architecture and components of QV
  • In-memory BI /OLAP
  • Loading data from multiple datasources:
  • Script editing
  • Menu Commands and  Syntax
  • The QWT (Access File example) primary data source
  • The QWT (Access File example with QVD Conversion) secondary data files
  • Script generation
  • Creating a connection to the database
  • Reading tables into QlikView
  • Big data Analytics
  • Connecting  of Qlikview with Bigdata hadoop
  • Condition on a field in a table
  • Aggregating Data in Script (Resident Load and Group Function, Order By etc)
  • Joining tables (Left, Right, Inner, Outer Joins)
  • Concatenation
  • Sheet Basics:
  • Sheet Objects
  • Text,list,chart,graph
  • Multidimensional,gauges,multibox
  • Calculation and expressions
  • Reporting formats
  • Server setup
  • Publisher
  • Alerts
  • Bookmark
Best QlikSence Training Institute in Bangalore

TIB Academy provides you best QlikSense training. They provide wifi enabled well structured classroom and live online training. Skilled tutors with experience can assist you with training as well as placements. They help you with resume preparation. They provide weekend class for the working professionals who cannot take weekday class.

Head Office

Second Floor and Third Floor,
5/3, Varathur Road, Kundalahalli Gate,
Landmark :

Behind Kundalahalli Gate bus stop,

Next to AXIS Bank.

For Course Enquiry : +91 9513332301

For Course Fees        : +91 9513332302

Visit: tibacademy.in


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