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Network Analysis Tuition in Bangalore

Network Analysis Academic Tuition in Bangalore

Are you a B.E or B.Tech student, struggling to clear the subject Network Analysis arrear in your Engineering degree? Are you looking for Network Analysis tuition? Are you having backlog in Network Analysis? Are you weak in Network Theorems? Do you want to get a hang of Resonant circuits and Laplace transformation? Are you an Engineering graduate in E.C.E looking for help in 3rd semester subjects?

Come to our center and gain confidence and academic support from our expert professionals. We are conveniently located in Marathahalli area, near Kundanahalli Gate bus stop. We have plenty of parking spaces. We are close to many colleges / universities. Some of the colleges close to us are CMR Institute of Technology – CMRIT, Gopalan College of Engineering, SCT Institute of Technology, New Horizon Engineering College, MVJ College of Engineering, The Oxford Engineering College, Amrita School of Engineering, Vemana Institute of Technology and Cambridge Institute of Technology.

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We can help you with assignments, lecture notes, question papers, previous year question papers. Come and join our Network Analysis tutorial sessions at reasonable tuition fees. Our staff is an experienced ECE professional who works with robotics and electronic instruments who can make you understand Network Analysis easily. Learn Network Analysis easily. Please see below the detailed Network Analysis syllabus that will be covered in 52 hours.

Following Network Analysis syllabus Topics are covered by our Trainers

  • Basic Concepts – 7 hours
  • Network Topology – 7 hours
  • Network Theorems I – 6 hours
  • Network Theorems II – 6 hours
  • Resonant Circuits – 7 hours
  • Transient behavior and initial conditions – 7 hours
  • Laplace Transformation & Applications – 6 hours
  • Two port network parameters – 6 hours

Network Analysis Tuition Syllabus

  • Basic Concepts – 7 hours
  • Practical sources, Source transformations, Network reduction using Star – Delta transformation, Loop and node analysis With linearly dependent and independent sources for DC and AC networks, Concepts of super node and super mesh.
  • Network Topology – 7 hours
  • Graph of a network, Concept of tree and co-tree, incidence matrix, tie-set, tie-set and cut-set schedules, Formulation of equilibrium equations in matrix form, Solution of resistive networks, Principle of duality.
  • Network Theorems I – 6 hours
  • Superposition, Reciprocity and Millman’s theorems.
  • Network Theorems II – 6 hours
  • Thevinin’s and Norton’s theorems; Maximum Power transfer theorem
  • Resonant Circuits – 7 hours
  • Series and parallel resonance, frequency-response of series and Parallel circuits, Q –factor, Bandwidth.
  • Transient behavior and initial conditions – 7 hours
  • Behavior of circuit elements under switching condition and their Representation, evaluation of initial and final conditions in RL, RC and RLC circuits for AC and DC excitations.
  • Laplace Transformation & Applications – 6 hours
  • Solution of networks, step,ramp and impulse responses, waveform Synthesis.
  • Two port network parameters – 6 hours
  • Definition of z, y, h and transmission parameters, modeling with these parameters, relationship between parameters sets.
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Best Network Analytics Tuition Training in Bangalore

Hi friends! This is Pargavi. I joined in TIB Academy for learning Hibernate after my completion of B.E. I personally thank TIB Academy for their good guidance and classes. My trainer is a working professional and he gave me advice about how to learn Network Analytics Tuition, how to prepare resume for getting placed in a good company. That was very much useful for me and now I’m working in a MNC. Thank you TIB Academy.

Network Analysis Tuition in Bangalore July 31, 2017

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