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Javascript Training in Bangalore

TIB Academy is a No.1 Institute of Javascript Training in Bangalore. JavaScript is a dynamic, interpreted, client-side and lightweight programming language which is used to create interactive and dynamic pages. Some of the concepts of JavaScript are objects, control statements, in-built functions, user validation, events and case sensitivity to build network centric applications.

JavaScript is the web designing native language and preferred language for the web developers who aim to build user friendly and rapidly expanding websites. So, there is high demand for JavaScript in the business world for the freshers/beginners who are passionate about web designing. Before proceeding to the JavaScript course, you should have the knowledge of HTML and CSS. If not, we are happy to help you from the basics. This course will also cover the areas of event handling, date & time, cookies, rollovers, nodes, DOM and JSON. JavaScript will be taught along with HTML Training in Bangalore, CSS Training in Bangalore, AngularJS Training in Bangalore, NodeJS Training in Bangalore, UI Development Training in Bangalore.

TIB Academy is one of the best JavaScript training institutes in Bangalore, where you can gain complete guidance from our web designing experts and Angular UI Developers. According to the students convenience, we schedule JavaScript classroom training or JavaScript online training in Bangalore. We also provide Advanced JavaScript training in Bangalore with project support as well. So compare to the other institutes, TIB Academy offers the No.1 JavaScript courses in Bangalore.

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JavaScript Training in Bangalore Syllabus

  • What is JavaScript?
  • What is AJAX?
  • The development workflow
  • Selecting the right tools for the job
  • Just enough HTML and CSS
  • Understanding objects
  • Understanding variables
  • Making comparisons
  • Understanding events
  • Writing your first script
  • Internal vs. external scripts
  • Using comments in scripts
  • Using the noscript tag in HTML
  • Creating alert dialogs
  • Understanding conditional statements
  • Getting confirmations from users
  • Creating prompts for users
  • Understanding functions
  • Making links smarter
  • Using switch/case statements
  • Handling errors
  • Getting started
  • Creating loops
  • Passing values to functions
  • Detecting objects
  • Reading arrays
  • Returning values from functions
  • Writing arrays
  • Building do and while loops
  • Re-using functions
  • Creating a basic image rollover
  • How to write a better rollover
  • Creating a three-state rollover
  • Making rollovers accessible and 508 compliant
  • Making disjointed rollovers
  • Creating slideshows
  • Displaying random images
  • Getting started
  • Creating jump menus
  • Creating dynamic menus
  • Requiring fields
  • Cross-checking fields
  • Displaying more informative errors
  • Verifying radio button selections
  • Setting one field with another field
  • Verifying email addresses
  • Responding to window events
  • Responding to mouse movements
  • Responding to mouse clicks
  • Responding to onBlur form events
  • Responding to onFocus form events
  • Responding to keyboard events
  • Demystifying cookies
  • Writing a cookie
  • Reading a cookie
  • Displaying a cookie
  • Counting with cookies
  • Deleting cookies
  • Handling multiple cookies
  • Cookies in action
  • Understanding the DOM
  • Adding nodes to the DOM
  • Deleting nodes from the DOM
  • Deleting specific nodes
  • Inserting nodes into the DOM
  • Replacing nodes in the DOM
  • Displaying dates
  • Displaying times
  • Creating a countdown
  • Creating sliding menus
  • Creating pop-up menus
  • Creating slideshows with captions
  • Creating a stylesheet switcher
Best JavaScript Training Institute in Bangalore

JavaScript is easy to learn, you can have a better learning experience with TIB Academy. They have experienced and skilled trainer and well structured classroom. They schedule classes as per student’s’ convenience. They provide fully hands on training and give placement assistance.

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5/3, Varathur Road, Kundalahalli Gate,
Landmark :

Behind Kundalahalli Gate bus stop,

Next to AXIS Bank.

For Course Enquiry : +91 9513332301

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